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StickFire Media is a media monitoring firm that makes the access of community media possible for research and validation purposes. Our focus is tilted towards non-streaming communities that are in far-flung areas, often rural. Due to our advanced crowd-sourcing network, we are able to record all radio stations in South Africa on prior notice. StickFire Media has been around for four years, offering a never-been-done product that caters for organisations that have a presence in communities across South Africa, but have no access to the frequency of the radio to record themselves. Our services stretch across print, broadcast, online, digital and our specialty, Reputation Analysis. This makes StickFire a service of choice, coupled with high levels of client servicing.

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StickFire Media, it is a data-sourcing monitoring firm that makes the access of community radio stations possible for research and validation purposes.


StickFire combined with their SA partner arguably has the most extensive broadcast monitoring system in the country. We monitor all SABC radio and TV, researched bouquet channels and 95% of all community radio in SA; both analogue & Digital. interview Link:
Big Shelton Interview On Lekoa Fm


Online News monitoring is forever changing, but you are assured that any publication that releases/creates content in South Africa, StickFire has it or can add it. We also pride ourselves as they are able to monitor almost all countries in Africa and globally, often only limited by some languages out of the main globally. Please contact one of our consultants who would be able to shed more insights on the footprint and the mechanics around the online monitoring…


StickFire Leads with their offering of print publications, whether daily newspapers, weekenders, periodicals, communities etc, we have one of the most competitive footprint in South Africa, and the ultimate in Africa as we deliver both Print and Online in Africa. Though the Rest of Africa may have a longer turnaround time to deliver, we do endeavor to create access. Please contact us to get a list of our Africa titles, per Country… DOWNLOAD PDF


If there is a competitive company in South Africa in terms of this social listening, StickFire has to be at the Top of that list. We have unashamedly partnered with Brand24, a Global leader in social monitoring and metrics to deliver what we believe may one of the best monitoring tools globally. We do not only monitor your Twitter, Insta, Facebook. We go beyond, we monitor blogs, forums, TripAdvisor, Google+, Periscope, Flickr, Flipboard and many more platforms. Please Contact our Consultants to get more info on social monitoring and our partner.

Africa Monitoring

With Africa becoming such a fertile ground for business and emerging markets, StickFire monitors a high number of newspapers and magazines in various countries including Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and many more; for the Africa sourcelist, kindly contact our office. the same could be said of our online, where almost all African countries can be monitored, you may need to verify with us for a specific country that you may be interested in. be warned, due to lower turnaround times, Africa print can take several days to reach us if we are not receiving Digital copies.

Insights Analysis

The Analysis of data requires accuracy and high standards of processing. Hence we remain offering human verified analysis reports. AI or AutoSentiment as commonly known in the industry, is about 80% accurate as it may struggle to pick up sarcastic statements. StickFire utilizes the 10 reputational pillars to assist segment coverage ‘in order for it to make further sense. We have a number of qualified analysts who have over 20 years combined experience in the coding/analysis of data. For samples of StickFire’s reputation Reports, kindly contact our office.

Benchmark analysis

Automatic Sentiment has taken the industry by a storm, in a teacup. At StickFire, with qualified analysts and a proven track record believe there is greater value in the human verified element of analyzing content in-depth. Though AutoSent is provided on request, we believe in the accuracy of an analysis product as the effects go beyond what we can imagine as monitors and PR specialists.

Community Ad Verification

With the community radio stations being unreachable due to analogue status of most of them, it is challenging to verify bought space/media. StickFire cannot only verify if an ad aired, we would provide the recording of the ad as well as share quality details of the ad. Try this service and you bound to be quite impressed


Our Services


Track own and competitor coverage across print, radio (Africa), TV online & Social platforms including periscope, Instagram and Facebook.

Our Services


The non-streaming communities are monitored on prior notice of the expected coverage.

Our Services


A determined exposure value and editorial media bias of coverage for own as well as competitor brands with customized reputational driver reporting; trends and insights.





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